Thank you for visiting my web site. I am more of a words person than a pictures person so you will not find anything flashy here.

What you can find here are:

  • My Life: about how I became a follower of Jesus Christ and
    subsequently worked in Cambodia;
  • Church: about my vision for simple, organic, non-institutional church;
  • Namesakes: about the only two people I know of who share with me the name Myers Cooper;
  • Articles: some reflections and opinions;
  • Contact: a form you can use to send me a message.

About Me

I am a British male in my 70s living in south-west England.

I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. My relationship with Him defines who I am, determines what I do and informs me on how to interpret what is happening in the world.

I am single but I have an adopted family in Cambodia whom I visit once a year.

I enjoy solitude but value being part of a Christian community.

I find great delight in walking in the countryside and on the coast of this part of England.

Latest Articles

Playing It Unsafe

Over the last 15 months or so, it seems to have become more and more commonplace for people to sign off a conversation or email message with the words ‘stay safe.’ Every time I hear or see these words I cringe (even though I confess to having used them myself).

When was life ever supposed to be ‘safe’?

A Dissident’s Guide to the Constitution

I cannot recommend this series of audio broadcasts from UK Column highly enough. Alex Thomson presents a clear and understandable series of talks on topics such as constitution, common law, rights, democracy, the rule of law and the nation state and there are helpful contributions from David Scott and Mike Robinson.

rice field

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

How God challenged my comfortable, settled life in England and set me on a path that would lead to my relocation to Cambodia in the early 1990s.